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Email blast for 5-31-20: Marathon update

posted May 31, 2020, 9:48 AM by Paul Williams

Peter and I, as the MTFOA designated representatives to the BAA, were just as surprised as you were when the BAA 124th Marathon cancellation announcement was made last Thursday. Given the health conditions in which we currently live, we were NOT SURPRISED it was canceled but only by the timing. We join with you, all the participants and others directly and indirectly involved from both here and far and wide in expressing deep disappointment.

For those MTFOA Officials assigned for the 124th, very sorry for all of us. Thank you for committing to your involvement. After many, many hours of planning and countess meetings, you can be assured that MTFOA  was ready to and would “represent” in April, September or when ever the 124th was conducted. Now that the race will be conducted virtually in 2020, MTFOA has no role.

Some questions have already come our way.

Will MTFOA be involved in any way with the Virtual Race? Not at this time and not expected.

What about the 125th next year? Too early to say but expect many changes given the “new normal’ that we can all expect. Social distancing, face masks, hygiene precautions, etc. are not going away.

Will the number of Officials, roles and assignments change? See previous question and response.
Reminder: Renew your USATF certification as an Official. Add LDR-Long Distance Running.

What about the 2020 Officials’ jackets and other race swag? Good question as there is a lot of dated labelled materials in the BAA warehouse.  Who knows? You can be sure that, as we always do, Peter and I will be looking out for the best interests of all MTFOA members.

What next? Peter and I have a previously scheduled Organizing Committee zoom conference call on 6/17. We will continue to keep you informed of what we know. However, we do expect more surprises.


Peter Meagher
Chris Lane         

II.  Form up the final of the boy's Triple Jump.

I have three different stages of work sheets. The first stage is forming up a final after the preliminaries. (solution).  The second stage is scoring the event after the final. And finally the third stage will have completed results with an error for the official to try and catch before submitting to the referee. The third stage might be more interesting to the veteran official. 

Brian Moody