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Email blast of 3-28-21

posted Mar 29, 2021, 11:56 AM by Paul Williams


Even with proof of vaccination, some sites are requiring a negative covid test within 72 hours of their Meet. Mike Meagher will let you know at the very beginning of the week of any site you are working that will require the test. If you need a covid test, we are SUGGESTING you avail yourself of any of the free testing places close to you.


1. Spring Officiating Opportunities 

  • Availability Sheet is attached. (UPDATED 3-27-21)  As more are being vaccinated and  Covid numbers are improving, it goes without saying, there continue to be changes. Mike Meagher APPRECIATES the Availability Sheets that have already been turned. With a LOT of leagues contesting meets on Saturdays, We REALLY are going to need EVERYONE's help this season. Please Email  or Text 978 457 3153 with you availability.

2. Dues
ALL League Assignors have been reminded that all MTFOA Officials they assign must be members in good standing ie. dues up to date. If you have forgotten to pay dues for 2021,  please mail your check for $ 80.00 to Don Kirkland at PO Box 15, North Salem, NH 03073 your address. Now that Meets are starting back up, you wouldn’t want you to miss an assignment !!!!!!

3. Survey for officials
Below is a link to an online Survey  for officials to see if they plan to officiate this spring (Fall II and Spring), what type of meets (high school, college or both), what areas of eastern Mass. where plan to work, and what events you prefer not to work. It should only take a minute to two to fill out. It is for informational purposes only for MTFOA leadership and commissioner. It is separate from the availability sheet above.

4. News regarding Fall 2 Modifications: 

The MIAA Board of Directors unanimously passed amendments to the Indoor Track (Fall 2) modifications, as follows. These amendments are effective immediately and apply to OUTDOOR competition and practice settings only:

  • Sprints/Hurdles – Run in lanes all the way.  Adjacent lanes (i.e. 8 athletes max on 8-lane straightaway) may be used if running outdoors.; Continue with use of every other lane (i.e. 4 athletes max per heat on 8-lane straightaway) if running indoors.
  • Starting blocks may be used and must be properly sanitized before and after each heat/section.
  • When handling equipment (e.g., hurdles), operators must properly sanitize.