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From the president's desk

posted Nov 18, 2019, 7:32 AM by Paul Williams
From the president's desk
I'm passing on a letter from the coach Dave Tousignant from Matignon. He has some very positive words about the officiating of Dennis Berry. If the Eboard could recognize him that would be great. The letter is attached below.

Subject: commendation
Coach Bryan Van Thorpe
Archbishop Williams High School
Director CCL Country League

I have been a high school coach in both cross country and track and field for the past 18 years. As a result of my collective experience I felt compelled this season to write a letter of Commendation for MTFOA Official DENNIS J. BERRY.

I have observed Mr Berry during my career officiating at both cross country and track and field meets and I would say that among Officials throughout the state and outside the state I have never witnessed anyone more Professional his assignment(s) than Mr. Berry.

I refer specifically to his pre-meet preparation(s) be it as a starter for cross country or a field events official in track and field. I had occasion this cross country season to work closely with Mr. Berry in two home meets hosted by Matignon High School. Prior to both meets I spoke to Mr Berry regarding his course knowledge and anything particular he may require at the meet. Mr. Berry arrived at both meets in a very timely manner, spoke with the coaches of the schools and prior to the start of the meets addressed the athletes very articulately regarding start and finish as well as pointing out various landmarks on the course to ensure both the safety of the athletes and to ensure they were well versed on the course subsequent to their walk through. He also makes himself available to answer any related questions that arise prior to or subsequent to the competition.

Mr. Berry and the recorder worked closely at the finish line to ensure runners bib numbers were properly recorded and that athletes were correctly aligned in their placing position in concert with their finishing time(s). In short Mr. Berry is integral in assisting coaches and meet directors to insure that a meet is run properly and fairly and that all in attendance, athletes, fans, families and coaches have an enjoyable experience

In sum, Mr. Berry possesses not only great insight in the sport itself but has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and recall of the rules and regulations be it cross country or track and field and is the epitome of Professionalism for the MTFOA. I close by saying the CCL and the MTFOA are very fortunate to have Mr. Berry as a Meet Official.

Dave Tousignant
Matignon High School