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Globe columnist Walker: RCC on the wrong track

posted Sep 16, 2016, 12:44 PM by Mass TFOA   [ updated Sep 16, 2016, 12:44 PM ]

The Boston Globe columnist Adrian Walker unloads on Roxbury Community College and its administration with details from this week's Board of Trustees meeting. He writes:

"Meetings of community college boards of trustees rarely attract much of a crowd, but that wasn’t the case at Roxbury Community College Tuesday night.

"A packed room of 200 or so people came to tell the school’s leadership exactly what they thought of the administration’s terrible decision to fire the head of the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center — a move that threatens to dismantle what is probably the best-functioning part of the school.

"RCC management gave executive director Keith McDermott the boot last week after 18 years of service, announcing the decision in an icy, three-sentence e-mail. College officials have refused to say why he was fired, hiding behind the usual excuse that they cannot discuss personnel issues.

"But McDermott’s supporters believe they know why: McDermott said “no’’ too often to his bosses on issues of access to the athletic center, and they decided to show him who was in charge. Most recently, McDermott refused to close the facility for two weeks in January — at the height of the indoor track season, when meets are booked practically every day — so it could be used for RCC registration. That, the thinking goes, was the last straw for the administration.

"Speakers in McDermott’s defense ranged from Roxbury politicians, to neighborhood activists, to suburban track coaches, to neighborhood seniors who are regular users of the fitness center. The people who fired him didn’t have a supporter in the room."

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