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MTFOA-MSTCA agreement detailed; mosque parking restriction

posted Dec 13, 2017, 8:15 AM by Paul Williams
MSTCA and MTFOA have a new agreement concerning officiating services for indoor track and field meets for 2017-2020. MSTCA will hire 20 MTFOA-assigned Officials per meet. Assigned roles and duties determine individual report time, which is 30 minutes before the compensation clock (duties) start. Reporting Officials must sign in with both Rick Kates and the MTFOA Referee (Field or Running). 

There are three distinct groupings and thus three different report times:
Group A: Field Referee, 4 Shot, 3 Long Jump, 2 High Jump (dash-hurdle finish line) and 2 Clerks - gym check-in.
Group B: Running Referee, 1 Umpire, 2 Starters. 
Group C: 2 Finish (Judge and Time oval events), 2 Umpires.
Compensation: 30 minutes between report time and start of actual duties - none.
Up to 5 hours of duties - $112 first year of agreement, increasing by $3 in year two and an additional $3 in year three. More than 5 hours, for each hour or any portion thereof an additional $10.
WHAT THIS ALL MEANS for those assigned to the first MSTCA meets of this Indoor Season on December 16 and 17:
Group A - 9:00AM--------                 Duties and Compensation starts at 9:30AM
Group B - 9:30AM---------                 Duties and Compensation starts at 10:00AM
Group C - 10:00AM--------                Duties and Compensation starts at 10:30AM
Assignment questions should be directed to Commissioner Mike Meagher.

A reminder to officials working the Dec 17th and 18th meet: MSTCA is collecting toys for the "Christmas in the City" program that needs to get 5,000 children a toy at Christmas in the Boston Area. This is the only weekend MSTCA will be collecting. If officials would like to donate a gift $8-$10 unwrapped for any age, please bring it to the meet the day they work. 

Officials are allowed to use the Mosque Parking lot everyday except Saturday morning or if there is an event at the Mosque.  On Saturday, they are having their religious service.   Please make sure you have your parking pass displayed.