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Note from the president: Covid-19 update

posted Mar 13, 2020, 10:56 AM by Paul Williams
Greetings folks,

In response to the Covid-19 and current events, I felt there should be some statement from me to our MTFOA membership and associates.

First of all, best of health to you and your families and please stay safe. I'm sure you have received messaging from your financial institutions, community organizations, workplaces, etc. about measures to protect against Covid-19. I hope everyone continues to follow guidelines from the CDC, WHO and other reputable medical organizations. Personally, I don't get caught up in the media hype - you shouldn't too.

Secondly, I don't have to tell you about the cancellations of collegiate Spring sports by now and the effects that it will have on our sport of Track & Field. I'm sure the MIAA will have more to say about High School Spring sports and contests, but let's wait to hear what they have to report.

Meanwhile, I'm asking all assignors (which includes me) to keep Track & Field officials informed of what contests will be canceled or postponed. Right now that would apply to more high school and middle school meets. I'm also asking our commissioner and assistant commissioner of officials Mike Meagher and Jacob Johns to rewrite or update the Spring availability sheet to reflect changes and cancellations.

Updates and dialogue regarding the BAA Boston Marathon will come from Chris Lane only. The same applies to local NEUSATF information from Steve Vaitones. These gentlemen are our best sources for more accurate information as it pertains to those organizations respectively.

Lastly, I know we haven't had the best luck of holding general meetings (December & March) and had to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances. I’m hoping we will see a good amount of you at the June 11, 2020 banquet/meeting. I will be asking our e-board to have a special executive board meeting earlier than the one scheduled for May, 2020. In the interim, please contact Don Kirkland about dues, rule books, name tags, etc. Please contact Fred Doyle about MTFOA gear. Call or email me if you have any further questions or concerns.

Once again, please stay safe out there and best of health to you and your love ones. Peace.

Steven R. Keyes
MTFOA, President