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Note from the president: NE-10

posted Jan 10, 2020, 9:14 AM by Paul Williams
Greetings MTFOA membership - I hope the indoor season is going well with everyone at all the venues that use our services.

Regarding one contest that we will not be participating in under the MTFOA flag, that is the collegiate NE-10 Championship meet in February, 2020.

Long story short: We tried to negotiate with NE-10 since September, 2019, in order for our association to again start servicing their meet after an accident with one of their athletes and one of our officials at a previous meet. But both parties couldn't come to terms; more specifically, they changed our terms and our e-board elected to terminate any proposed agreement. (Feel free to contact myself or any e-board member to get more specifics on our decision not to participate.)

I will state for the record that as an "independent contractor," you could still work this meet, but you would do so without wearing any MTFOA insignia or any materials that display our organization's name. (Contact our our recording secretary Dennis Berry for any other particulars.)

For me personally -- aside from my fellow e-board members views -- I would hope folks would not participate and you can contact me for reasons why. But I again hope you would contact other current e-board members before you decide and get their feedback as well. For now, the matter is closed.

Here's to a continued successful indoor Track & Field season. Keep those comments, letters and concerns coming my way. 


Steven R. Keyes
MTFOA President