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Presidents Message: Important info regarding Reggie Lewis Center

posted Dec 9, 2016, 7:21 AM by Paul Williams
At the General Membership/Clinic last week I mentioned that there was a Safety Summit with members of the Boston Police Dept., MSTCA, MIAA, Reggie Lewis Center, and MTFOA. This was an informative and eye-opening meeting.

In this day and age, safety is paramount. We, as a city and region, learned a great deal from the Boston Marathon bombings, and with tragedy came a lot of lessons on how we can collectively and collaboratively maintain our safety.

Of utmost importance, in the event of an emergency, is that we can account for all our members working a meet. In collaboration with MSTCA, we are implementing an Emergency Action Plan for the Reggie Lewis Center this season.

1. In the event the Reggie Lewis Center gets evacuated, all MTFOA members working the meet will assemble in front of the Whittier Street Health Center on Tremont St. (adjacent to where we park out back of Reggie Lewis Center). The meet director will have the sign-in sheet for our attendance reference.

2. To accurately account for everyone, in the event a person is unable to assemble with us, I AM ASKING EVERYONE WORKING A MEET AT REGGIE LEWIS CENTER TO PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER. Our directory currently holds mostly home phone numbers, and that would not be beneficial to us in an emergency. I will compile a list of cell numbers to be given to the meet directors for every Reggie Lewis meet this season. This cell number gives us, and emergency personnel, an additional tool in locating and assuring your safety.

3. The message to everyone in the building should be to know where the nearest exit is in case of an emergency.
    Officials have the authority to direct people to the nearest exit, keeping in mind that several athletes will just know the door where they entered. This is extremely important for shot put and long jump officials.

4. As we adapt to our plan in an emergency, at each MSTCA meet this season, the meet director will hold a very brief “officials meeting” prior to the start of the event to communicate this plan.

5. The meet directors also hold an important role in the MSTCA plan. Before each meet, they will need to meet with either Frank Mooney or Rick Kates to be designated as a “Designated Responsible Official” in the MSTCA Emergency Action Plan. If this role is something you do not feel comfortable with, please email me back so we can convey to Mike Meagher.

This is just the first phase of an Emergency Action Plan for MTFOA. We will be working with our collaborators (MSTCA, MIAA, colleges) to advance this further, and include more venues. In the near future, we will be considering the idea of lanyards with an ID for each official. This clearly identifies you even further at events.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you