MIAA background checks summary and how-to

The MIAA is requiring background checks for all officials working high school meets in Mass, starting school year 2015-2016. Please follow the directions below. There are deadlines for each season so please read the instructions carefully.

As we all know, times have changed and things evolve.  Anyone who works with children, in any capacity, has been witness to these changes.  If you are a teacher, or school volunteer, you are now required to do fingerprinting.  Background checks are far more common now also.  Personally, I have been CORI’d four times in the past year for my work, and three volunteer organizations I work for.  The reason I have had to do four is because information from CORI’s cannot be shared among organizations. 

The MIAA has joined with 27 other states in requiring background checks for all officials working high school games/competitions/meets. The MIAA is using two companies to compile and manage the list of background checked officials.  PeopleTrail will be conducting the background check while Arbiter Sports will be where the officials will register for both the background check and MIAA.  This is somewhat different from what we, as an association, have done in the past.  In the past $6.00 of our dues were used to pay the MIAA to be a registered MIAA official. (Don Kirkland paid this bill annually for us.)   In the future, each individual official will be registering himself or herself with the MIAA, using Aribiter Sports to do so.

What do you need to do?

To be able to work any Massachusetts high school meets, you must be registered and background checked first.  Each commissioner/assignor will have access to the approved Arbiter Sports list.

Registration will begin June 15th.  Any time after that you may go to:


            click:  Register

            Click:  sport  (track/field/XC)

            There will be a welcome statement and then it will ask for personal info.

(At this time, you will be asked for your email address so it can reference whether you already are an Arbiter member.)

If you have never been on Arbiter, this is where you will create a user name and password. 

There will be a list of state Track Boards.  You click MTFOA. 

Payment info:  credit card and then a receipt will be emailed to you.

When do I need to do this?

            Each season will have registration deadlines. 

            Cross Country deadline:  July 31, 2015

            Winter Track  deadline:  Oct. 1, 2015

            Spring Track deadline:   Jan. 1, 2016

Because all three of these sports fall under MTFOA, you only need to register once a year.  Personally, I am going to register in mid-July each year so I am covered for all three seasons.

How much does it cost?

            The background check only has to be done every three years.  But each official must use Arbiter Sports to register with the MIAA each year. 

            For now, plan on:

                        Year 1:  Background check and MIAA registration = $45.00

                        Year 2:  MIAA registration = $10.00

                        Year 3:  MIAA registration = $10.00

(I say “for now” because down the road, the MIAA may tweak this to be easier for officials.)

Is the MIAA going to increase pay for officials?

             This question was asked by several officials associations at the summit.  A member of the MIAA said that for next year the fee will be frozen, but a potential $2.00 increase the following year was being discussed.

If you have any questions, please email me at:  kmccarthy@scit.org 

Paul Williams,
Jun 1, 2015, 12:51 PM