Minor corrections for NFHS rules book

posted Feb 13, 2012, 9:48 AM by Paul Williams

Corrections to Rules Book: 

Page 8, Rule 1-1-1 should read “A track and field meet...”; 

Page 8, Rule 1-1-2 should read “A track and field/cross country team...”; 

Page 41, Rule 6-2-4, 3rd line should read “...taken in flights of no less than 5”; 

Page 55, Rule 7-4-10, last sentence in Example should read “..., with five the mini- mum number to begin...”; 

Page 57, Rule 7-5-5, 6th line should read “...and the proper binding of adhe- sive tape of uniform thickness when used.”; 

Page 64, Rule 7-6-14b, (3-2-4c) should be (3-2-4b)

Corrections to Case Book and Manual: None.