USATF proposed rules changes listed

posted Oct 15, 2011, 12:11 PM by Paul Williams

What follows is a summary of the proposed USATF rules changes that affect equipment and facilities.  Reflected is the deletion of Item 85 (Youth throws implement changes) during a scheduled conference call by the Rules Committee in October 2011.  These will be reviewed in full by the Rules Committee during the annual meeting in December.

The majority of the changes have been drafted to maintain conformity with the IAAF rules, based on the amendments as approved by the IAAF Council in April 2011.  Others are emergent editorial changes and items tabled from last year.

Item 9, Rule 195.4:  Redefines the head of the indoor throwing weight (tabled in 2010).

Item 10, Rule 301:  Adds the hammer throw to the Youth Division (4 kg for boys, 3 kg for girls)   (tabled in 2010).

Item 19, Rule 123:  Expands on the responsibilities of the Technical Manager, including giving the TM direct oversight of Implement Inspectors (conformance with IAAF Item 5, Rule 123).

Item 33, Rule 149:  T&F performances made outside of a traditional athletics facility shall be valid only if the appropriate sanctions, officials, equipment, implements, facilities and surveys are present or have been accomplished (conformance with IAAF Item 20, Rule 149).

Item 35, Rule 160.6:  Adds width dimensions to in-stadia and out-of-stadia starting lines (conformance with IAAF Item 21, Rule 162.1).

Item 41, Rule 164.4:  Modifies the width dimensions for out-of-stadia finish lines (conformance with IAAF Item 26, Rule 164.1).

Item 48, Rule 170.25:  Modifies the specifications of the baton (conformance with IAAF Item 32, Rule 170.12), and renumbers the paragraph to 170.4.

Item 55, Rule 180.16:  LJ, TJ & PV runway border line specifications changed from "should" to "shall" and HJ apron specifications changed from "should" to "shall"  (conformance with IAAF Item 44, Rules 182.3, 183.6, 184.2).

Item 60, Rule 183.8:  Modifies the allowable taping of or addition of other protection to the PV pole (conformance with IAAF Item 43, Rules 183.11).

Item 61, Rules 184-186:  Amends and reorganizes the horizontal jumps rules (conformance with IAAF Item 44).

Item 65, Rule 191.9:  Deletes the minimum length specifications of all hammers (conformance with IAAF Item 48, Rule 191.9).

Item 68, Rule 212.9:  Clarifies the banking specification of an indoor track (conformance with IAAF Item 50, Rule 213.3).

Item 69, Rule 212.10:  Clarification of indoor track curbing (editorial change).

Item 70, Rule 221.2:  Modifies the specifications for the indoor shot stop barrier (conformance with IAAF Item 51, Rule 221.2).

Item 77, Rule 262.4a:  Wind gauge requirements changed from "ultrasonic" to "non-mechanical" for world record performance applications (conformance with IAAF Item 25, Rule 163.11).

Item 79, Rule 263.1:  Modifies the definition of an outdoor track, as regards record performances (conformance with IAAF Item 66, Rule 260.18a).

Item 80, Rule 263.6:  Modifies the definition of an oval track, as regards record performances (conformance with IAAF Item 67, Rule 260.18c).

Item 81, Rule 263.8:  Modifies the definition of an indoor track, as regards record performances (conformance with IAAF Item 69, Rule 260.21).

Item 82, Rule 264.4:  Clarifies the runway, landing area and throwing circle specifications as regards record performances (conformance with IAAF Item 66, Rule 260.18a).

Item 84, Rule 265.5c:  Clarifies the course verification requirements for road race records (conformance with IAAF Item 71, Rule 260.28).