How Availability works

This Availability page is where MTFOA and the many high school league commissioners/assigners alert officials to their needs for the winter and spring track seasons.

The MTFOA commissioners -- Michael Meagher and Rich Hickey -- assign officials to college, high school and other meets for which MTFOA has been contracted to provide officials. High school league commissioners assign officials to their individual leagues. Both will post availability sheets that detail the meets for which officials are sought.

For MTFOA availability, please USPS mail your availability based on the availability sheet listed to the right to:

Michael Meagher, Commissioner

100 Commandant's Way #106

Chelsea MA 02150

Please email questions about MTFOA assignments to:

Rich Hickey or Michael Meagher

For questions about individual high school league assignments, please contact the commissioners listed in the following table.

Please send corrections and updates to trackfieldofficials.ma@gmail.com.

Indoor attire

Uniforms for officials for indoor track:

-- Khaki pants

-- Green shirt, green vest or green pullover with MTFOA logo

-- No hats

-- No yellow jackets

Outdoor attire

Uniforms for officials for outdoor track and cross country:

-- Khaki pants

-- Green shirt, yellow shirt, green vest or green pullover with MTFOA logo

-- Hat with MTFOA logo

-- Yellow jackets with MTFOA logo

Availability sheets

MTFOA 2021 Spring Outdoor Availability Sheet

Completed availability sheets will be welcome at membership meetings or they may be sent to Mike Meagher (note his change of address on top of availability sheet).

2021 Spring Availability

(Sheet updated 4-1-21)

Download Track Commissioners/Assigners lists.