9-19-21 blast: Annual meeting Oct. 7 at Brandeis

  • The Membership Meeting will be held IN PERSON in the Napoli Room at Brandeis University on Thursday, Oct. 7 at 7:00PM. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED. More info in the following weeks. We strongly recommend your attendance at this meeting.

  • The membership annual dues of $80.00 are due by Oct. 1. (checks made payable to MTFOA and sent to Don Kirkland III, PO Box 15, N. Salem, N.H. 03073)

  • The MTFOA executive board is pleased to announce that Dave Johns has been appointed as the new equipment manager

From the BAA Marathon Committee

Just a reminder to those working the BAA Boston Marathon on Oct. 11. Meeting at Catholic Memorial High School on September 28, at 6:30 pm. CM campus is open only to those fully vaccinated. Must show proof of vaccination to enter the building.


From the MIAA

Dear MIAA Game Official,

To begin, I would like to thank all officials for your efforts on the behalf of student-athletes. Many of you worked during this year which was certainly a very unique experience to say the least. The unpredictability of many, many conditions played on everyone’s patience. Thank you for your work with our schools as they tried their best to inform and plan during an unprecedented time.

The MIAA Game Officials Registration and Background Check process usually opens up on July 1 of each year. With July 1 fast approaching, I send you this notice with a new open registration start date of July 15th. I appreciate that many of you have signed in quickly each year to complete your registration. You can do the same on July 15th and I would highly suggest that all fall officials plan on getting in and completing the necessary information immediately.

ArbiterSports has developed a new and better registration database for the coming school year. This extra two weeks will allow us to check for all conversion information given that our current spring season tournaments were completed much later than normal. The necessary information is the same and much of the process is similar. There will be a new look and feel and I believe many of you will find it more user friendly. Your signin email and password will remain the same. Some of the screens will be much easier to navigate.

Thank you again for your efforts as an official. All of you are aware that we could not have all of the games without you. You are an important part of what is done to teach life lessons through athletics!

With thanks,

Richard Pearson