Email Blast 10-2-22


Thursday Oct 6

  • Membership meeting to be held 7:00PM. at the Reggie Lewis Center

Saturday Oct 8



The October General Membership Meeting will be on Thursday, October 6 at RLC at 7:00. We strongly recommend your attendance at this meeting

  • Please find attached agenda .

  • Please find attached proposed minutes for the membership meeting held in June. These will be up for approval at the upcoming meeting next week.

  • Annual $80.00 dues are due on October 1st. (checks made payable to MTFOA and sent to Don Kirkland III, P.O. Box 15, North Salem, N.H. 03073) Dues, even though late, can be paid at Thursday's membership meeting. Speed up the process by writing your check in advance made payable to MTFOA. If you need a receipt, pay by check.

  • APPAREL: To avoid lines at our upcoming membership meeting, Dave Johns is reminding everyone that they can order apparel by phone anytime., phone is 978-764-1880. If you intend to make a purchase of apparel, please also bring a second check for that.

  • If there are any changes in your personal information: address, phone number, email address, both for accuracy and to speed up the process, please write out your changes in advance and submit to Don Kirkland III. Remember to include your name with your information. The importance of accurate contact information for members cannot be over emphasized. Please keep your Secretary-Treasurer informed.

  • A reminder about passing the background check in order to work high school meets. The registration is open on July 1st and it is a one-time registration and background check for the 3 seasons

  • league assigners should forward their league officials rosters to Commissioner Dave Johns so that he can assure that all who are working are compliant with the MIAA requirements. Those not registered, shouldn’t expect to be assigned.

2. Winter Availability Sheet

Last Spring season we piloted our Availability Sheet where officials signed up for Track Meets will now be done electronically. This was enormously successful. If you intend to Officiate this Winter, and we hope that you do, you must complete the attached Availability Sheet and submit it. Electronically!



The proposed revisions to the Bylaws will be up for a vote at this meeting. There will be limited copies of the proposed revisions available at the meeting so all members should refer to the comparison chart that has been referenced over the last several weeks in the Blast. (below)

Pursuant to Article 13, Section 13.1 of the MTFOA Bylaws, the following amendment to Article 11 of the Bylaws is proposed by the Executive Board for consideration at the general membership meeting to be held on October 6, 2022 at the Reggie Lewis Center;

Article 11 Commissioner of Officials

1.1 There shall be a Commissioner of Officials who shall be nominated by the President and approved by the Executive Board for a term of up to three years commencing annually as of July 1st of any year. The Commissioner may be reappointed in the same manner.

11.2 Any member in good standing is eligible for the Commissioner’s position. which shall be for a term of three years. Said Commissioner’s term may be renewed with the approval of the Executive Board.

All other provisions of Article 11 remain unchanged.


Members are reminded that they must attend at least one General Meeting each year to remain in good standing. With Covid receding, this will be in effect this year.

The first General Meeting will be on Thursday, October 6 at RLC at 7 PM.

The second General Meeting, and first clinic of the year, will be held at St. John’s Prep on Thursday, December 1. There will be a second clinic at Wheaton College in March (exact date tba), and our end of year banquet in June.

Members are reminded that dues for the year are due by October 1. Send your dues check to Don Kirkland at

With the New Balance Track opening this year, there will be LOTS of work available.

5. NCAA adopts rules changes

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved several rules changes, including an expansion of sprint relay exchange zone, new uniform rule and field event time limits.

6. NFHS adopts rules changes