Email blast 10-3-21 - Annual meeting on tap


Thursday Oct 7

  • The Membership Meeting will be held IN PERSON in the Napoli Room at Brandeis University on Thursday, October 7th at 7:00PM. Our friends at Brandeis are asking that anyone attending click for agenda

  1. enter the Napol Room thru the SIDE DOOR, NOT THE FRONT ENTRANCE.

  2. wear a mask at all times while on the Brandeis campus.

Saturday Oct 9


1. Winter Availability Sheet is currently pending

2. If you are a commissioner/assignor for any of the high school seasons this school year, 2021-2022, please email Mike Meagher for the necessary background check information of officials. It is imperative that we are only assigning officials to high school meets that have passed the background check policy as implemented by the MIAA. Mike’s email is

3. Please find attached proposed minutes for the membership meeting held on June 10th. These will be up for approval at the upcoming meeting next week. Also, please remind all members that the proposed revisions to the Bylaws will be up for a vote at this meeting. There will be limited copies of the proposed revisions available at the meeting.

4. Reminder: It is time to pay your dues. Dues are $80.00 Avoid the line completely by paying in advance by mail to: Don Kirkland III at PO Box 15 North Salem NH 03073. Speed up the process by writing your check in advance made payable to MTFOA. If you need a receipt, pay by check.

5. APPAREL: To avoid lines at our upcoming membership meeting, Dave Johns is reminding everyone that they can order apparel by phone anytime. If you intend to make a purchase of apparel, please also bring a second checkfor that.

6. If there are any changes in your personal information: address, phone number, email address, both for accuracy and to speed up the process, please write out your changes in advance and submit to Don Kirkland III. Remember to include your name with your information. The importance of accurate contact information for members cannot be over emphasized. Please keep your Secretary-Treasurer informed.

7. Note from Steve Keyes