MIAA updates concussion standards

Post date: Nov 04, 2010 5:15:55 PM

MIAA Handbook Standards 33, 56, and 97.4 have been updated for the purposes of clarifying and enhancing the Association’s student concussion initiatives and medical protocols, according to an email sent by Dick Neal, executive director, to member schools, coaches, ADs and tournament directors.

Rule 33 (click here) now reflects the July law’s requirement that coaches (and others) annually educate themselves with regard to concussions.

Standard 56.2 (click here) asserts that each school’s medical personnel will be responsible for members of that team. Therefore, when MIAA assigned medical personnel are also present at a tournament site, the Association’s personnel will defer to the school’s staff, but will stand ready to assist whenever requested. It further emphasizes that medical personnel responsible for student athletes be certified in the National Federation or similar concussion course.

Standard 56.4 (click here) has been condensed and written in language more consistent with the requirements of the law. Most importantly, kindly note that any student suspected of a concussion must not be returned to practice or competition on that day.

Standard 97.4 (click here) has been edited somewhat, and now includes language that emphasizes that the school’s medical personnel, and not the Association’s assigned medical personnel, will make participation decisions.

This communication provides a good opportunity to remind you that your school’s concussion protocols should acknowledge that your academic staff needs to be educated with respect to the learning impact of a concussion on any student, whether an athlete or not. Also, recall that there are many concussion resources and information to be found on the MIAA home page at www.miaa.net (right column).