Get/manage blast email

MTFOA sends out weekly email blasts to members who subscribe. You can use the link below to opt in/subscribe to receive these emails if you don't already. The link can also be used to manage your blast email preferences.

To opt in/subscribe

If the link does not take you to the opt-in dialog, copy and paste it into your browser.

You'll be presented a dialog box like this to fill in:

Click Subscribe to receive blast emails.

Manage your subscription

You can manage your subscription using the links at the bottom of each week's email.

You'll see a dialog like this that lets you change your email address, name or format.

Click Update Profile to save the change.

To unsubscribe

You can use the "unsubscribe from this list" option at the bottom of the weekly email to stop receiving blast emails. NOTE: The action is immediate. If you unsubscribe by accident, just use the link at the top of this page to resubscribe.