Massachusetts Track and Field Officials Association Membership Information

Are you a former track athlete who misses the sport and would like to participate again?

Are you a former coach who would like to continue working in the sport?

Are you a parent who would like to be involved in the sport and your community?

Then join MTFOA! We're always looking for dedicated people who would like to become officials. Schedules are flexible - you can work as little or a much as you'd like. You can choose to work at meets close to home, or to travel throughout eastern Massachusetts.

Joining is simple. The officiating is rewarding. Don’t just be a spectator – be part of the action!

For information on becoming a track official please contact:

Jeff Blonder at


To become a member of MTFOA, you must pass our exam, pay yearly dues and be at least 18 years old. Our exam is an open book, take-home, true-false test that consists of 100 questions based upon the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rulebook. A passing score is 90 out of 100.

Fee Structure:

Our fee structure is as follows:

Testing fee $20 (payable when you send for the test).

Cost of NFHS rule book $5.

Yearly MTFOA membership dues are payable after you pass the test. This entitles members to new high school and college rule books each year as well as the official MTFOA cap when you attend your first meeting. All members who pay their dues on time are also enrolled with the MIAA.

Exam Procedure:

When you pay $20 for the test, you will be sent an exam, a rule book, an answer sheet, and an application blank. All of the test materials (exam, answer sheet and application) must be returned postmarked within 21 days of the time they are mailed to you. (Example: If mailed to you postmarked on Nov. 24, your return postmark must be stamped Dec. 15 or earlier.)

Requests for testing materials and checks for the materials including rule books should be mailed to:

Jeff Blonder

15 Shackle Way

Swampscott, MA 01907


You will be notified within 21 days if you have passed the test or not. At that time, an invitation to join the MTFOA will be extended to you. This invitation will be good for six months.


Payment of your dues entitles members to new high school & NCAA rulebooks each year and the high school case book (available at MTFOA cost) each time it comes out (every other year). New members are also given an MTFOA-logoed hat when they join the organization. Rulebooks and hats should be picked up at our membership meetings.

Please make dues checks payable to MTFOA. Dues should be mailed to:

Don Kirkland III

P.O. Box 15

North Salem, NH 03073

After you pass the test:

After passing the test, before receiving your first assignment, you will need to volunteer to observe officials at two meets.

1. Field events at one meet

2. Finish line, clerk and umpire at a second meet

The meets can be any MTFOA-assigned meets, including MSTCA meets, or local league meets.

*Note: The MIAA division and state meets cannot be observed meets to complete this requirement.*

After completion of your observations your information will be sent to the MTFOA commissioner and local league assigners.

In addition, you will be contacted by an MTFOA member who will want to know more about you so you can be assigned appropriately. The official will ask:

- Information about you (coach, former athlete, parent)

- Any prior experience (this sport or other sports)

- Area of interest (running, field, starting, clerk, FinishLynx or HiTech …)

- Availability to officiate (afternoons, nights, weekends)

- Travel parameters (local schools, Boston area meets, other)

You will also be assigned a mentor, who will:

- Serve as point of contact to refer to mentor on basis of locale (i.e. North Shore, South Coast, etc.) or interest in particular events (i.e. throwing or jumping events, starting, timing/judging, clerking)

- Also, provide names of assigners (MTFOA commissioner or local assigner)

- Encourage attendance at meetings and especially at clinics

- Suggest observing/working at a meet on a volunteer basis

- Serve as resource/sounding board for you

To remain a member in good standing you will need to attend two clinics within one calendar year after becoming a member.