A note from the president

To the MTFOA membership,

It's been a pleasure serving as president for the last two years, although it hasn't been an easy road to navigate. Just months after starting my term in October of 2019, the threat of the Coronavirus was looming on the horizon, coupled with the fact that inclement weather canceled our December, 2019, general meeting. In addition, the pandemic caused worldwide shutdowns in March of 2020, thereby affecting our March, 2020, general meeting. I believe you all know the rest of the story.

But through the beginning of the pandemic up until now, I think we weathered the storm pretty well. I first have to congratulate our Cross Country and Track & Field athletes on such fine performances throughout this ordeal and their ability to concentrate on their academics, stay in school and, for many, graduate on time. Of course, their parents and the coaches of every Mass. high school gets my complete commendation for keeping these student athletes focused and ensuring they got the support they needed. I also want to thank our group, MTFOA, as well as the MSTCA and MIAA, for all the fine work they did during this crisis. These associations were vital in keeping things running as smoothly as possible considering the circumstances.

My wish list for our association going forward is simple: That we get along and continue to work together as officials to ultimately do what's best for the athletes in our sport, and continue to incorporate "new blood" into our ranks to improve the quality of our work and to solidify our future. I personally challenge all our league commissioners and assignors to give EVERYONE a chance to officiate. Most importantly we as an organization need to work closely with the MSTCA and MIAA to secure good relationships that will benefit everyone.

In closing, steps are being taken by our current E-board to improve the quality and professionalism of our work in the form of a Track & Field officials clinic. It would be an annual meeting, and, if it doesn't commence this Fall, hopefully the Fall of 2022. Ultimately, our overall goal is to ensure MTFOA remains intact and in good order for the officials that will come behind us in the future. Again, it was my pleasure to serve you - see you soon. Peace and stay safe out there!

Steven R. Keyes MTFOA, President 2019 - 2021