Email Blast 4-23-23

Wednesday April 26

Friday April 28

Saturday April 29                                                                                  

 Sunday April 30

1. Many thanks to those officials who stepped up and were available to help us out this VERY BUSY past weekend.

As you can see above, this weekend will be just as busy. So will May 5-6-7.  If you are available, we can really use your help. Please reach out to Dave Johns at 987-764-1880. 



Dear Friends, 

As You may know, I relocated back to California last year but have kept in contact with Matt Ruxton and other SO Folks.  Matt asked me to send out the info regarding our Special Olympics Track Officials' needs for Summer Games at Harvard. It is June 10 and 11th, 2023.  I've included a breakdown of our needs and estimated times. 


Saturday June 10

Starter  8:00-2:00

Finish Line  8:00-2:00

Long Jump  9:00-11:30  May double with shot later.

2 Shot and Jav  12:00-2:00  May double with long jump earlier.


Sunday June 11

Starter  8:00-2:00

Finish Line 8:00-2:00

2 Shot and Jav 9:00-12:30


We do have a regional meet, if possible,

Saturday May 13 Brockton High School

Starter, Finish Line, Shot  9-1


Milton Academy May 21 Events to be determined.


We are so excited to be able to move back to our 2 day competition to offer all our athletes the full Summer Games experience.  The athletes have been back to full training mode and are looking forward to this full season. 

You all have taken Special Olympics track to the higher level experience for the athletes and we can't thank you enough.   Looking forward to seeing you all at Harvard.   Pat Diskin>