Email Blast 10-15-23

1. The Executive Board has appointed Anne Bernazzani as Interim Commissioner. 2023/2024 MTFOA Winter Availability  is here. You can access it by clicking on the link. We ask you to return them by November 1 as our goal is to provide our members with their schedule of indoor meets before the end of November. One correction to the sheet is that the December 27 Boston Holiday Challenge is going to be held at the at New Balance.


2. The link for MIAA Registration is link or from the MIAA main webpage at (scroll down the left side to Officials Background Checks in an orange ArbiterSports box).  Once you arrive at the registration page, begin by selecting the blue Register box. The link does link to the Cori as well as Safesport etc It is also on the MTFOA website under Updates.