Email blast 8-1-22

From the Executive Board

  • The EBoard wishes to thank Steve Knapp for a job well done for the spring 2022 season. All of our clients, but notably the MSTCA, were very happy with the services provided by our group. At the last meeting of the Executive Board for the Spring of 2022, Dave Johns was elected MTFOA Commissioner for 2022-3.

  • Don Kirkland is asking everyone to pay their dues for the upcoming officiating season. Dues remain the same ($80). Please make checks payable to MTFOA and send to the following address:

Don Kirkland

PO Box 15

North Salem NH 03079

To remain in good standing, your dues need to be received by September 30, 2022.

From the MIAA

Dear Fall Game Official,

I am sure all of you received the email last week announcing the opening of the 2022-23 MIAA Official Registration. Thus far, about 400 people have registered. With only a week into the 2022-23 registration, this is decent progress. I am reaching out to remind everyone to try and register for the fall as soon as possible. I have been contacted by various board leaders who are working on their plans for the fall including having all of their officials registered in time to develop schedules and support leagues.

If you get this reminder email and can take care of registration sooner than later, it will help everyone as they plan for the fall. When I check the database, it is very helpful to see many of you done for the year for all of your sports. Thank you.

You can access the registration from a link on the MIAA main webpage at or copy this link,, into your browser.

Thank you for being involved in interscholastic athletics and making a huge difference for the students of our MIAA schools!

Richard Pearson

MIAA Associate Executive Director